The Creative Minds Behind Bamboo Table

Located in the sandy town of Jensen Beach, Sally and Bob enjoy every minute of living their "Florida" lifestyle. Together Sally and Bob combine their love for nature, each other and the environment to join their passions with business. It all started from Bob growing up on the water and learning boating from a very young age, and Sally spending her days with pencil and paintbrush in hand creating beautiful, nature inspired works of art.

Once the two met, their connection and passions were combined. Bob still spent his time in boat marinas and Sally in her art studio painting watercolors. Sally has been creating art for other companies' products for years, and together the couple decided to put her artwork on a product they created together.

Shortly after meeting, they were traveling in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and stumbled upon a boat they couldn't pass up, which ironically was named "Finding You." For the next 16 days, they traveled down the Intracoastal Waterway to bring the boat back home to Florida. From that time on they found themselves spending the majority of their free time on or around the water – which made living by the beach the perfect lifestyle for them both. 

"While living in Florida, we quickly came to realize there comes a responsibility of taking care of what we enjoy and what is all around us – the ocean and the environment. That is when the idea was formed for creating Bamboo Table. We have always been advocates for recycling and being mindful of the environment, but what if we could do more? I decided to take my passion for nature inspired artwork and put it on our dinnerware. Our love of the beauty of the ocean and our planet is the inspiration for Bamboo Table."

Thank you for not only believing in us and our product, but also being caretakers of our environment! We are currently selling wholesale only at this time. Please reach out to us on our contact page for further information about Bamboo Table!

-Sally Eckman Roberts

-Bob Riggs