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Bamboo Table

Beautiful & Biodegradable Dinnerware

"Our company believes in respecting the Earth for today and for future generations to come."

What makes Bamboo Table unique?

Our bamboo dinnerware line is made from a by-product of bamboo manufacturing, which means we are utilizing the unused bamboo from other industries. Since bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource, after proper disposal, our dinnerware will naturally return to Earth within 20 years. Bamboo grows without any chemicals or pesticides, so when it's discarded there are no pollutants left behind. 

Each lightweight piece is dishwasher safe, shatter resistant and non-microwaveable. Plates and bowls have a subtle hammered texture.

Waste reduction is a key problem in our "global throwaway culture," and using products made from bamboo can help by reducing the already 2 million tons of trash that goes into the ocean every year!